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Off Off Hollywood Productions was born among friends who love each other and love TV.

In 2013, a group of actors, writers and friends sat on the floor in an apartment in Hells Kitchen brainstorming.  Our first collaboration was The ReRun project, where we staged scenes from classic sitcoms.  From there, we created FreakMe, a sitcom pilot using each one of us, and our greatest strengths.  In 2014, we won several awards, including an IndieFest Film Award, a Best Shorts Award, and a Mountain Film Festival, plus a variety of acting awards.  And we kept the momentum going...


Now a full-fledged company, we're expanding our resume, with several exciting projects in development.  Take a look at what we're working on!

Guy Olivieri


Writer, producer, actor


Guy Olivieri is one half of Off Off Hollywood Productions.  He's the creator of FreakMe, The Reno Cure, SUCKERS, I Don't Believe In That and The ReRun Project.


Contact Guy directly.

Click here to go the website for Guy's writing projects.


Rob Maitner


Writer, producer, actor


Rob Maitner is one half of Off Off Hollywood Productions.  He's an actor, and producer. He's currently adapting his short stories for future projects.


Contact Rob directly.

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