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I'm Guy Olivieri. I'm a writer with a deep love for great stories.  I started my story-telling career as a producer for an Off Off Broadway theatre company, Ground UP Productions.  For a decade I've been the head of the literary committee, shepherding new works to the stage.

In 2013, I started thinking bigger.  I produced stage productions of The ReRun Project, where I curated great 80s and 90s reruns and made them into short stage productions.

In 2014, my film production company, Off Off Hollywood Productions was formed.  Our first project was a sitcom pilot I wrote called FreakMe.

Since then, I've been writing up a storm, and have been producing my work as often as I can.

Below you can find links to some of my writing projects. Take a look!

And here's my resume.

The opening sequence from my new sitcom.

Watch 40th:

Currently on the festival circuit.

Watch 40th:

Screened at over a dozen film festivals in


Watch Obits:

WINNER of the 48 Hour Film Project, NYC, 2017.

Winner:Best Writing

Watch Frequency:

WINNER of the 48 Hour Film Project, NYC, 2016.

Watch the pilot episode of FreakMe

Watch I Don't Believe In That, my award winning short

The password is : OffOffHollywood

Here are links to other projects I'm developing. All of them are complete scripts.

- an original sitcom pilot

Todd thought becoming a vampire would make his life better, but it still sucks...  

And it might suck... forever.

The Reno Cure

- an original drama pilot

For a single mother, raising a well-adjusted daughter is difficult under the best of condtions.  Gina Fisher, the proprietor of one of the famed Reno Divorce Ranches of the 1930s, has a special kind of challenge.


- an original

musical-drama pilot

Jamie, a down-on-her-luck New Yorker, learns that her estranged father has died. He was gay (what?!), and he left her his piano bar on the Jersey Shore.  She could sell it.. but what about her dad's husband?  

For all inquiries contact:

Josselyne Herman and Associates


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