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The ReRun Project: where we treat classic rerun scripts with the respect they deserve. Honoring the good ones, fucking with the bad ones, and having a great time with the best TV of the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

The ReRun Project is currently a stage show, which we'd like to pitch as a reality show.

On stage, we take pieces of classic sitcoms, and perform them live.  The idea for the reality pitch begins there:  In each episode, we choose a classic sitcom episode (227, Mr. Belvedere, Alf), and the cast of actors has one week to make it happen!


A set is build, roles are cast, and everyone tries to recreate the magic of, (on infuse magic into) a great episodic script.  Along the way the cast and designers are interviewed about the process.


The opportunity for guest stars in there too.  What if the kid who played DJ Conner get to play Roseanne?  What if Carlton from Fresh Prince gets to play Will?


With a Saturday Night Live calibre cast, this show could air weekly on a network like TVLand or Nick at Night.

For more clips, click here.


For more information, email us!

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