This is just scratching the surface.  There are a million facets of the industry.


The bulk of the coaching will involve figuring out what your goals are and how to achieve them.  You’ll leave with all the resources you need, and a list of tactics to get to your goals with DEADLINES.  And, I’ll bug you to make sure you’re meeting all of your deadlines.


Real, step-by-step methods to make the career of your dreams.


What is personalized coaching?

You’ve got questions.  I’ll help you get your answers.


What is the reality of show business in New York?

    -How do I get to Broadway?

    -Are there movies being cast in New York?

    -How do I get into commercials?

    -How can I transition from theatre to film?


What kind of promotional material do I need?

    -How do I find the right headshot photographer?

    -What is a reel? A comp card?  A VO demo?  Do I need them?


How do I expand my network?

    -Do mailings work?

    -How do I get an agent?

    -Do I need a manager?

    -What do I say when I meet industry?

    -Do I pay to meet agents?  If so, who?


Everything else:

    -Low-income housing?  What’s 80/20?

    -What’s “financial core status”?

    -Grad school?

    -My taxes?

    -My image/type?

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